Creed Movie Review

Photo Credit Pixabay

Imagine growing not knowing your father, Adonis Johnson lived that life.  He is the son of boxing legend Apollo Creed. The funny thing about this story is, he became a boxer like his father. Here are a few themes from the movie:

Adonis was angry. Angry that he never met his father. You will see that throughout the movie.  His anger got him into trouble as well.
When he decided to devote all his time to boxing, Adonis quit his job and move to Philadelphia. He even convinced Rocky to be his trainer.  

Adonis and Rocky developed a bond. You can say, it was a father and son bond. When Rocky developed cancer, Adonis made it his business, to see that Rocky got the treatment he needed.

Living in the Shadow of his Father
Once the world found out his secret, he did not like it. He did not want to live in his father's shadow. Adonis wanted to make it on his own.

In closing, Creed was a good movie. In my opinion, it should have won an Oscar. I give Creed a 10 out of 10,