Should Police Officer be taught how to deal with Deaf people?

Photo Credit Pixabay
In recent news. another police shooting has happened. This time, a deaf men was shoot in North Carolina. With that being said, "Should Police Officer be taught how to deal with Deaf people?"

My Opinion
Yes. If our political officials do not teach police officers how to deal with the deaf and handicap population, we will hear more stories about this. This accident should be taken as a lesson. What do you think?

Teaching the Police Officers Signs Language
I think the President Obama should make this a national law. It should be immediately implemented. I do not want to turn on the news and hear another story like this. The deaf men did not ask to be deaf. It probably want happen, but it should be taken in to consideration.
Other Ideas
States should be required to issue some type of sticker that can go on license plates, windsheild, or rear view mirror. This simple idea can save a life. The police officer can then begin communicating with the driver in sign language.

Car Makers
Car makers can use a automated voice machine that drivers can press when being approached during police stops.

Local police departments and state officials can inform the deaf about how they will work with them. This will be a good way to let the deaf population make suggestion about what works for them.