What are you Grateful for?

Photo Credit Pixabay
Many of us have heard the phrase, count your blessings. With all the things that are going on in our lives, it can be hard to count your blessings. However, we must be grateful for the things that we have. Some people will do anything to have what you have. So, with that being said, we must count our blessings. Below, are the things that I am grateful for.
1.       Shelter
I have seen many homeless people sleeping on sidewalks. It hurts my heart to see people without a place to stay. In addition, many homeless people hangout in the library downtown. I still live at home, but my living situation is not that bad when compared to those that have no place to go.
2.       Income
To be honest, I do not like my job. However, many people will do anything to get my paycheck. Until I can become self-employed, I have to deal with the things that come with having a job. I do not like having conform to someone else’s rules, but what choice do I have.
3.        Creativity
I love being creative. I have several ideas for stories that I want to see come to life.  I believe without creativity we are nothing. I like thinking outside the box and coming up with a new idea. Without creativity we are nothing.
I have many more things to be grateful for, the three things are just a few. What are you Grateful for?