What Event from the Past would you like to witness?

It is safe to say that events of yesterday play a role in the life we live today. With that being said, it would be nice to witness a part of history. For me, I would have love to witness the Civil Right Movements in the 1960s.
Photo Credit: Pixabay
Stand Up Against Oppression
I would have love to see a group of people stand up to their oppressor. It takes courage to do the things that Martin Luther King, Jr. and other Civil Right Leaders did. I would love to have participated in the bus boycott and hurt the bus company where it hurt, in the pocketbook.
By fighting injustice, African Americans were showing unity. Many of my people choose to unite and use their power. I would have used my power to. First, I would have persuaded people to shop at Black owned businesses. We might as well help our own people economically. I would also try to explain why we need to create our own jobs. Last but not least, I would donate money to the carpool program that help people get around.
Changing History
It would be nice to say I witness something that change history. I would be the old person bragging about what I saw. Furthermore, it would be hard for me not to jump in on the action and be a part of the change I am witnessing.