What I like about The Profit.

The Profit, a business show on CNBC, features business moguls Marcus Lemonis. On the show, Lemonis put his own money into failing businesses and then saves them.The show is similar to Shark Tank, but there is one twist, Lemonis sees how the business work before investing his money. Below, you will see a list of reasons what I like about The Profit.

1. It about Entrepreneurship
I like most business based shows, and fell in love with The Profit. I like the fact that businesses are being saved and jobs are being created.

2. Marcus Cares
Lemonis is not a venture capitalist guy that writes a check, when he invest, he works. Viewers will see Lemonis rolling up his sleeves and doing manual labor with the other employees.

3. Marcus is Straight Up
Lemonis does not tell the entrepreneurs he work with a lie, he tell them the truth. If the business model sucks, he will tell you.

4. You learn about Business
If you aspire to be an entrepreneur, you need to watch The Profit. When you watch the show, you will learn something about business.

In closing, The Profit is a good show. I love watching every week. If you would like to learn. More about the profit, click the clip above.